Thursday, June 25, 2009

Out of a Kangaroo by a Convict by Phyllis Bresheare

“Compelling epic journey spanning continents, from the outback of Australia, WWII, and the still remote frontier of the West in America."

"A young woman's love of life, fraught with unforeseen hardships, as she gives birth on her own, suffers prejudice, poverty and abuse at every turn yet prevails."

Based on a true story of timeless proportions a must for all women to read!

About the Author
Phyllis Bresheare

Location Snohomish, Washington U.S.A.

Currently living on the same small Northwestern farm in rural western Washington state, U.S.A. Phyllis Bresheare now nearly a 100 years of age still carries on her traditions of living close to the land, much the way she's done for the last 70 years.

Opinionated, witty yet so down-to-earth she always has a welcoming heart to her many admirers. For the last 16 years she's been a faithful volunteer at the local food bank helping many less fortunate.

On her remaining 5 acres she tends her glowing gardens, mows the lawn and keeps happy her two Chihuahuas and 4 cats.
Having survived two heart surgeries, two hip replacements, several pins she's held together her spirit for life in an amazing way; showing others how wonderful life can be in its natural simplicity. She scowls at today's wasteful extravagance and lack of respect for the land and it's creatures. Humble in her demeanor yet steadfast in her convictions.
Phyllis remains a vigorous symbol for all of us upon what a fragile world we live.